Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in Australia

Billions in Inherited Wealth Are Not Enough to Stem Neural Disorder

How can Australia compete when capital labor is overpaid?

Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in Australia

4 thoughts on “Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in Australia

  1. dilletaunted says:

    hey rsj, not sure if you still check this site, but i remember you making an argument some time ago about the importance sectoral holdings of risk-free assets. something like how the us private sector lost out because they weren’t holding treasuries. did you have a blog post or recommended resource for this? thanks.

    1. I’m not sure I made such an argument. I think I was arguing that holdings between MBS and Treasuries are fungible. But what you may be thinking of is my argument that the financial sector bears the brunt of CB bond purchases while the household sector’s holdings remain unchanged. This is modulo the fungibility I mentioned previously.

    1. Hallo J.W. How is the job market search? I’m a bit worn out at the moment with econ. You hear the same childish arguments over and over again, and I don’t have the inclination to continue re-debating. Work is much more interesting at the moment. Perhaps when the weather gets warmer I will have more cycles to spare.

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